IPL Prediction

Sports betting is popular all over the world. Thanks to the development of the Internet, today you can place bets even from your apartment or office. It is enough to find the current ipl match prediction and place a bet following it. All analysts’ conclusions can be double-checked by examining open sources of information. Today ipl prediction will be the best way to increase your chances of winning.

Indian Premier League Champion List 2008 – 2020

Over the past decade, most of the trophies have been shared between the Chennai Super Kings and the Mumbai Indians. In total, 13 seasons have been held so far and these two cricket clubs have taken together 9 prizes, while all other teams are content with only 4 trophies. At the same time, the level of professionalism is constantly increasing, which makes the league even more interesting for bettors. The today match prediction ipl helps to make bets more effective. To find out which teams managed to reach the top in the regular season and receive the main trophy of the Indian cricket championship, just read the following table:

  • 2008: RR wins the first trophy of the newly created championship;
  • 2009: DCH beat RCB in the final;
  • 2010: CSK beat Mi;
  • 2011: CSK beat RCB.
  • 2012: KKR beat CSK;
  • 2013: MI defeated CSK;
  • 2014: KKR beats KXIP;
  • 2015: MI beat CSK;
  • 2016: SRH beat RCB;
  • 2017: MI beat RPS;
  • 2018: CSK beat SRZ;
  • 2019: MI beat CSK;
  • 2020: MI beats DC;
  • 2021: CSK beat KKR.

As you can see, over the past 5 years, only two teams have become champions. At the same time, not only CSK or MI but also KKR, DC, SRZ, and RPS reached the final, which indicates a fairly high level of competition.

IPL League Format, Teams, Cash Prize

Today’s ipl match prediction makes watching your favorite club even more comfortable. At the same time, players should be well versed in the rules of the championship, which allows them to win more often and place bets with the highest quotes. The 2022 Indian Premier League stage matches will be played in a double-round robin format, which is one of the key features of the league itself. Ipl today’s match prediction assumes that each team will play two matches against each other. One of the matches will be played at home, and the second will be played away. As a result, the teams will have to play in 14 matches and to reach the qualifying stage, they will need to score at least 14 points.

Further, the ipl prediction today will be required to determine the likely finalist during the qualifying matches, where the game is played for elimination. At the last stage, matches are held between 1 and 2, as well as 3 and 4 places in the qualification. In the first pair, the champion is determined, and in the second, the winner of the third place. Today’s ipl match prediction helps to increase the effectiveness of betting on your favorite sport.

Norms for the IPL Tournament

To participate in the VIVO IPL Championship, teams must follow certain rules. Today the franchise has the following important features:

  • eams consist of 18-25 players;
  • the club cannot have more than 8 legionnaires at the same time;
  • the total salary of players cannot exceed 80 crores.

Given these rules, it becomes much easier to make an ipl match prediction today. Players must be 19 years of age or older to participate in the tournament and must be first-class cricketers. No more than 4 legionnaires can be involved in one match.


By making an ipl prediction, players can increase their chances of winning. The winnings of the lucky and risky players often reach those of the highly paid cricketers over the long run. Each team that takes place in the tournament from 1 to 4 will receive a specific cash prize. The ipl prediction 2022 reveals which of the clubs has the greatest chances of winning the trophy and bonuses.